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    With a regular publishing schedule planned, we are on the hunt for contributors. We aim to publish one essay and three columns or other contributions per issue, and are open to pitches from writers within Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia.

    The Process

    1. Read our list below and/or check out previous issues to see what kind of writing we're after
    2. Email us at editors@presentjournal.org and tell us
      1. Which feature you'd like to write for
      2. What you want to write about
      3. When you want to write it (deadlines are the 20th of the month). 
    3. If accepted, we'll work with you to create the finished product (Luke manages The Essay, Jen manages the columns).
    4. The work gets published! You send the issue to your friends, you invoice us. 
  • what we're looking for

    our provocations

    The Essay

    Long-form essay, 2500-3000 words, paid

    With The Essay, we are looking for big ideas, something that is uniquely yours that you have developed over time. It can be a macro-look at trends you have noticed in improvisation, an inspiration that drives your work or a fundamental change that you believe needs to happen in our approach to improvisation. The topic space is unlimited, but we are looking for writers who are passionate about a subject that they think is important in our regions' work.


    Column, 500-800 words, paid

    What would you say to the improv world if you had their undivided attention? Write an opinion piece arguing for or against a particular point of view on something improv. Write alone or face off with a colleague.

    Why I Made The Show I Made

    Column, 500-800 words, paid

    We make work, we present it, we let it go. When do we reflect and when do we share the lessons?

    This column is a space to discuss the impetus, process, and success of a show you made - was it what you thought? how did people respond? what will you do next?


    Column, 500-800 words, paid

    Improvisors know the value of our skills onstage - and many of us apply them offstage too, through corporate and community training. This is a column discussing and analysing improvisation outside of performance (i.e. applied improvisation). How do you use improv

    Can I Get A Geographical Location?

    Column, 500-800 words, paid

    A report of the current scene in a particular city or country - who's doing work? Teaching? Performing? Corporate? Applied? What styles are improvisors excited by and exploring? What are audiences responding to? What are the shared challenges? What's next? Snap shots of our industry are vital for us to know our history and see a path forward. Word count negotiable.

    In Review

    Column, 500-800 words, paid

    We will publish reviews of performance, books, podcasts - anything improv related. Star rating not required - we're more interested in what people are trying to make, and how effectively they are doing so. Constructive criticism and celebration welcome.

    Want to say something else? Write To Us

    Letters, open word count, unpaid

    We welcome letters to the editors in response to essays, columns, editorials, or other letters published. We also welcome questions for our agony aunt column, Aunty Ask-For. We reserve the right to edit for brevity and clarity. Pitching is not necessary, publishing is at our discretion.

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